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7 reasons why you belong in the Gentleman Club!

Maio Rosatzin, 21.2.2022

Was gehört dazu wenn du ein Gentleman werden möchtest?

The Gentleman Club, a highly elite group, Perfect looking men with a lot of money and prestige... What is often portrayed like that in movies like «Kingsman» is quite different in real life!

What used to be a designation for a certain social group is much more today. The modern gentleman is distinguished not only by his appearance, but above all by his behavior.

Gentleman is a Mindset

Regardless of origin, appearance or gender, anyone can acquire the gentleman mindset! Yes also women can acquire a Gentleman Mindset, or should I speak here of a Gentlewoman?

The sky is the limit!

Well then, let's start the way to the Gentleman Club!


What does it mean to be respectful? - To read everyone's lips and to be overly polite? Absolutely not!

Yes, be open and friendly when you approach someone, because often there is more to our counterpart than you think.

But no one likes to be an kiss-ass!

Put aside prejudices and treat your counterpart unconditionally.

Remember one thing, if you approach people with a positive attitude, they will subconsciously notice this and treat you positively and pleasantly.

For this I have a task for you. Smile randomly at strangers. I bet you that almost all of them will smile back at you. Not only will you love it, you will also make your counterpart's day!

"Leave your fellow man better than you found him."

Depending on the situation, however, respect can involve other aspects as well. For example, respect in business is a bit more complex. But with a positive basic attitude, you'll go a long way there, too.


What seems good to one may be questionable to another.

Take some time and think a step further, always be clear what your actions cause. Everyone has different moral ideas and perspectives and there is not always a right or wrong.

Nevertheless, there are some moral principles that you must master as a gentleman.

Don't always try to make profit out of everything, act out of conviction!

Think about what you stand for. What are your values and what does morality mean to you? - Act accordingly and stay true to yourself.

By the way, in this self-reflection you also get to know yourself a lot better!

If you act consciously and according to your conscience, it will fulfill you in the long run.


Decide on your path and follow it with all your heart.

Sooner or later you will have to bear the responsibility for your decisions. In the positive and also in the negative sense.

Besides all the things we do so well, unfortunately it is often the mistakes that we remember and then perceive as responsibility.

Of course you should try to limit your mistakes, but don't shy away from them! Because you will learn a lot from your mistakes!

"Mistakes make people"

Even if it is not always easy, you should stand up for your mistakes, admit them to yourself and others and learn a lesson from them.

So jump over your shadow, apologize sincerely and make sure to fix your mistake yourself!

It is in your hand.


Knigge, surely the term means something to you. It all started in 1788 with the book "on how to deal with people" by Adolph Knigge.

Today Knigge is an epitome for decent and elevated behavior.

Of course, this must not be a foreign word to any gentleman! - But you don't have to be an etiquette professional.

Remember, we are far from old-fashioned. If you were to implement all the rules of etiquette one-to-one, it would be pretty funny.

Knigge as a modern gentleman, that's what you need to master.

Learn some principles of etiquette, but go with the times.

If something seems strange to you, then leave it out!

If you pretend just to show perfect manners, you will seem insecure and strange.

Practice some principles.

Remember the right name, congratulate on special occasions, praise special attentions and so on.

Surely you will be a bit insecure in the beginning, but soon it will be natural for you and you will be a bit closer to the gentleman club.


It is the first thing we think of in connection with the Gentleman Club.

"Men's fashion par excellence"

The gentleman style, but is not always quite formal and classic.

Dress according to the situation.

If you are just going out for a coffee, you should certainly not appear in a full suit.

Dress smartly and make sure that you stand out with your style in a discreet and positive way.

Of course, you should generally be a little overdressed.

Be aware that you are well dressed and enjoy it.

But never be arrogant!

The line between confident and arrogant is very thin. Remember the chapter respect and approach people positively.


As a gentleman you have overcome the urge for status and recognition.

Keep a low profile, don't brag about your beautiful watch, your success or other luxury goods. Of course, those around you should share in your life and you should also give them a glimpse.

Be aware that you bought that beautiful watch because YOU enjoy it! - Not because the reputation of others pleases you.

If you are only pleased by the reputation of others, you will not be happy in the long run.

However, if YOU are the only one who enjoys the watch, then it has fulfilled everything and will give you a smile every time you look at it.

Detach yourself from seeking approval from those around you.

In this way, you will master the "understatement" and even be happier.


As a gentleman, you have an ambitious mindset and are looking for a challenge.

Just sitting at home in front of the TV is definitely not enough for you!

Go out of your comfort zone regularly and go unconventional ways, because you don't have to be afraid of mistakes anymore, right?

"What is not yet, can still become".

Whether in business, social situations, or sports, strive to become the perfect version of yourself.

And yes, that includes a little bit of toughness and discipline.

So read through the conclusion now and review all the points again!


As you have learned, it is mainly your behavior that determines whether you belong to the Gentleman Club or not.

Have you studied and mastered all the points? Go through the following statements and think carefully about whether they apply to you.

You treat all your fellow men with respect and reject prejudice.

Know your moral principles and act accordingly.

Be responsible for your actions and do not be afraid to make mistakes.

You are familiar with the Small One by One of etiquette and know how to behave in certain situations.

You are familiar with menswear and know how to dress appropriately for the situation. You feel comfortable being a little overdressed.

Status and recognition mean nothing to you, if only you are enthusiastic about something, then that is enough for you!

With your dynamic mindset you challenge yourself day by day and outgrow yourself.

Where do you still have potential? Comment and let us know where you still want to work on yourself!

Scource cover image: Pexels

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