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These 5 incredibly simple techniques, will propel your career gigantically forward

Benno Büchler, 28.03.2023

Tipps, wie du Karriere machen kannst durch guten Umgang mit Kollegen.

Everyone wants to make a career.

And everyone wants to be ahead of the competition.

How are you different from the rest, with the same goal?

For starters, you try to gain an advantage through research. By doing so, you are already leaving a wide field of competitors behind.


Next, you've found this article that will show you some proven techniques that will make you more popular and respected in no time.

After that, all you have to do is do your job well and wait for the deserved boost in your career.

To propel your career forward there are some tricks you should follow. Learn the names of your professional colleagues. Also, it is worthwhile if you acquire a staggering honesty. Be aware of your position, but never let this awareness make you unkind.

The Name Game

"One's name is the most beautiful sound, in any language, that a person can hear."

Do you know the feeling when someone is introduced to you and you immediately forget that person's name?

Or the situation when you see someone and think to yourself, "I know this person, but I have absolutely no idea what their name might be."

The fact that we can remember faces much better than names has even been scientifically proven! This is because there exists a region in the brain that is responsible for remembering faces, but not names.

This little faux pas is very common ... And that's a good thing!

You can quickly take advantage of it, too.

Set yourself the following goal:

"I will address 3 people in the office by their name tomorrow!"

At best, three people you don't normally address by name. Then wait and pay attention to their reactions. You will quickly notice how much influence this has on the way your colleagues treat you.

 And the way your colleagues treat you also has a direct impact on your career.

Honesty lasts longest

"Be loyal to those who are not present. That's how you build trust with those who are present."

Stephen Covey

Rumors are dangerous, dishonesty professional suicide. Always stay true to your professional self. The desire to gossip is ingrained in us humans. According to studies, humans have gossiped through the decades.

Even primates can be found to enjoy watching higher-ranking males and would even pay for the privilege.

Casual conversations at the coffee machine or in the hallway, exchanging the latest rumors, is something we've probably all experienced. But, while it's a lot of fun, it's not one of the manners you should adopt as a gentleman or as you climb your steep career ladder.

Karma catches up with everyone and when the gossip escalates and catches up with the perpetrators, it is healthiest, for you and your career, to have had nothing to do with it. So, what should you do if you realize the conversation is moving in a blasphemous direction?

The easiest option would be to hold back as best you can and make sure you don't say a bad word yourself.

You could also try to steer the conversation in another direction. For example, "Speaking of raises, we'll be getting our vacation bonus soon. Do you know where you're going to travel yet?"

As a third option, you can also politely excuse yourself and turn back to your work. This way you don't run the risk of saying something that will catch up with you later and unnecessarily get in the way of your career.

Who’s the Boss?

Probably the biggest mistake you can make in your everyday professional life:

Addressing the superior with the wrong title and the wrong manners!

There is always a hierarchy. If you want to rise in it, you have to stick to it, because the places at the top are few and very coveted.

There are some rules to follow, in the context of hierarchy.

  1. Never, NEVER, address a superior by the wrong title. It could be taken as a grave insult.
  2. The "you" is offered exclusively by the higher-ranking person. Gender and age are irrelevant.
  3. When introducing yourself in a professional context, it is important to introduce the lower-ranking person to the higher-ranking person first.

Remember that, unfortunately, your superiors have more power than you and, if they so choose, can significantly slow down or slow down your career.

Be the nice Guy

Your intern today may be your supervisor tomorrow.

Everyone is anxious, for example, if you've quit, to leave the door open behind you. That if necessary, you can go back to your old job if the new one doesn't work out. That means you thank the management level and try to leave a good last impression. After all, it's the last impression that people remember the longest.

Why don't we do the same with our employees?

The inexperienced intern who makes nothing but mistakes today could be your supervisor in a few years. Having to compete for a job with someone you know you can't stand is not only unpleasant, it's also usually very unsuccessful.

So try to maintain a good relationship with all employees. From the bottom to the top of the food chain. Small attentions go a long way here.

Ask how they enjoyed the vacations, inquire about your employees' birthdays. Ask them what their children's names are. Chat with receptionists and give a warm welcome to new employees.

You never know when you'll need a favor. When that time comes, you'll be glad to have many employees on your side.

Therefore: Play nice!

Time is money

My train was late ..., I was still stuck in traffic ..., my kids had to go to daycare ....

We are all adults and do not need such excuses!

If you have made an appointment, you have to be on time. Anything else is an insult to the other person. If you keep me waiting, you show me nothing but that you consider yourself more important than my time.

And nothing is more important to me than my time.

Thanks to Google Maps, you can always check the current traffic situation and know how early you have to leave in order to arrive on time. Work with digital calendars. When setting an appointment, take a moment to calculate how early you need to be reminded to arrive on time.

Thanks to digital clocks, you don't even need to sit at your PC to be reminded of appointments.

Don't spoil your own career with something so unnecessary!

In general, it is highly recommended to always wear a watch on your wrist. It can tell you the time as well as other important things and also acts as a fashion statement.

Bonus tip

As a gentleman who wants to make a career for himself, you don't just have to demonstrate your skills in face-to-face interactions with colleagues.

You'll also be asked to do so time and again in e-mail correspondence. But what exactly do you have to watch out for? And which mistakes are unforgivable?

I'll reveal just that to you!

  • Spelling

Not only do readers miss out on any pleasure of receiving an email from you if you have poor spelling and grammar, you also come across as incredibly unprofessional.

  • Tone

Be sure to think about who the message is addressed to BEFORE you compose it. In front of your peers, it would look weird if you addressed them with, for example, "Dear Sir or Madam ...".

Your boss with "hello Franz" can have even more fatal consequences.

  • Humor

It may be that you are a funny guy. Nevertheless, try to hold back humor in mail correspondence. You never know what mood the reader is in and whether a joke is appropriate or not.

  • Short and sweet

No one is happy about a 1000-word email.

Get to the point quickly.

Leave out unimportant details.

And try not to bore the reader with your email.

Before you send the email, think twice about who you really need to add to the recipient list, and especially who you don't.

Stick to a strict "need-to-know" basis. So send the email only to employees who need that information.


Everyday professional life is filled with interpersonal pitfalls that must be avoided if you don't want to hurt your career.  

But it also has a good side! 

Because very few actually think about how they should behave in the situations mentioned. So you are clearly at an advantage. 

Get into the habit of following these principles and putting them into practice every day.  

The resulting effect will be gigantic!

Title image: Pexels | revised article

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